Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weird Summer EP


I got back from Germany yesterday afternoon. I finished compiling this EP which I play under the moniker "Raver". Most of the songs Ive already posted on the blog. Names have been changed, 'Wait For Me' is now 'And the Fleeting Light' , 'Candies' is now 'The Laurel Canyons'. The new songs are 'Hazel' and 'Walk Into the Sun'. The album cover was actually taken in Koln, Germany.

I made this EP as a kind of requiem to the summer. The ending of one wormhole and the opening of another. I hope youll enjoy the music as much as I did making it.

Click on the title to download it. I converted it to a compressed zip file.

Love. Thanks. Xerathryn

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