Saturday, January 30, 2010

When One Thing Ends EP

Hello Here's a a five song EP of ambient post rock guitar music. I made it last week. Each song was written and recorded at night before I went to bed. Late night drone music. This will probable be my last guitar dirven track, everything else from now on will be vocal based.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Spiritif Records

hello world
so..Spiritif Records will be my new way of releasing and publishing things that i like, whether I made it or not. It may be music, movies or comics. I dont know yet.

I've drawn alot of comics over the months and im planning on scanning a bunch of them. They'll be called Spiritifs. The actual small comic strips are called spiritifs.

As for recording, throughout this whole week, ill be writting and recording ambient peices every night before I sleep. They'll be compiled into EPs and such.

Also, I've been making CD-Rs. Drawing the artwork by hand and all that, making it look like a real record and all. I'll be scanning those and of course they'll be available online for free. I havent figured out a way to mass produce those CD-Rs yet, and plus i dont really have the funds. And, well, I need people to start recognizing my music. Strangers, people i dont know.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Acapella ambient drone.

The lost recordings of an old Haiwaiin mourning chant. Sung after the death of one of the tribe members. Laydened with reverb and tape scuzz. The chant is used to usher in the soul of the departed into the sea of souls.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Desert Soul, Rising Sun

So heres the deal. Im going over to Sydney at the end of january to do a bachelor of fine arts. Im not bringing a guitar or any instruments, but I still wanna be playing and/or writing music. So heres what im bringing over to sydney: loop pedal, delay pedal and delay/reverb pedal with a mic and a couple of wires. What im planning on doing is playing some open mic nights, as many as i can. After a while, id like to play regularly....So basically, everything will be vocal based. Only and melodies. Ive already written a couple of loops that i think sound pretty solid. I thought it would be a total disaster without my guitar, since I was kinda planning on doing only instrumental stuff live, but the vocal thing is turing out great.

I re-wrote the song Give Me Some Of Your Lovin' into a vocal peice, and now its a completely new song. The reverb and dealy give it a really spacious sound. While jamming once, my brother said it sounded like a tribal african choir in a huge cathedral. I liked that. So this has given new motivation.

Anyways, here's a sample of what it might sound like, although this pretty rough, and recording program was shit (still using audacity). Its all improvised, it added a bit of percussion afterwards. For now, im calling it Desert Soul, Rising Sun. Ive got this middle eastern desert soul thing going on with this.

Thanks and good love

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year

Here's to the new year
whatever may come
in and out
courage, stay with me
love, be within me
old ways blow out
new years prayers rush in
heres to who knows when
heres to you
new and old