Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Instrumentalism Acoustica #1- Dwellings Virtual 7"

A couple of songs I made in the summertime. Ive made alot of these small instrumental songs even before the blog. I mustve written over a dozen, slowly, ill put them up in these new virtual 7"s called Instrumentalism Acoustica this first set is called Dwellings. They're nice little tunes. Hope they cheer you up or something.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lullabye For Dead Stars

Hey. An old song I made after Weird Summer. It's been lying around gathering dust, so I thought i may as well put it up. Hope you enjoy. Yes...the title is exactly what the song is about..Make your own assumptions, make your own future...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Red River Canyon EP

Wrote and recorded today. Picture this: Ive found lost tapes of slide-guitar blues on a dusty desert highway. I've taken them home and reverbed the hell out of them. And here, I present them to you. Just picture that. Get lost of this sonic highway of rusted memories!

Peace. Love. One

Monday, September 21, 2009

Children Spectral- Virtual 7"

Wrote and recorded this afternoon. This is really the pop record. I wanted to make completely pop sounding songs in a very noisy, rusty setting. They're like old memories of childhood, they're blurry and hazey but you remember them to be times of joyful rebellion. A spectral pulse of everlasting love.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today and Tomorrow EP

Wrote and recorded today. Today and Tomorrow is about living for today and seeing a bright future. Squeezing everything you can from your life and being able to be optimistic about tomorrow. I think alot of younger people see the world in a light of hope. It's not being naive, it is being hopeful and more courageous about the things coming ahead. I think ive always looked at it that way, that tomorrow will bring better things. But i was always bitter about the now, I used to be upset and frustrated at what I couldnt do now. But I think with this blog and being able to create something and release it to the world, its making me alot more optimistic and focused on the present.
I wanted to make very joyful sounds, very uplifting music. I hope this can help you.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

You Can Make It Home

Made this song today. I recorded it live with no effects added on later. I just wanted to make a peice of music that had no real history to it. I wanted to make it primivial, abstract. I didnt want my personal feelings to infiltrate it, you know? I wanted to make a human sound. Anyways, this song is about finding your way home, wherever it is.

Love. Home. Soul.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

These Things They Fall Apart

A song I recorded a few weeks ago. Continuous loop of Frankie Avalon's Venus, which I think is a great song. It's about failed relationships and how memories can help. It also kind of about my brother. When he left, all i had to hold onto were memories of him. Small moments of transient existence. It's not even whole moments, or experience I had with him, it's the small micro seconds of his essence. you know? Like small tears in the fabric. Memories fade and warp over time. But these tiny miniscule blinks still exist forever, even after weve gone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leopard Head EP

Recorded this one today. Im calling it an EP but it really isnt, it's only got three songs, two of which I think are some of the best songs ive written, for real. I really like this EP and it's probably the most proud ive been when finished with an EP. Im gonna start putting out more EPs and Virtual 7" s up. They're really fun for me to make cause i get to experiment with alot of different things. And you guys get to hear more new stuff. Ive never made so much music in so little time and been pleased with the end result.

The whole theme behind this is a kind of celebration to life. Ive been watching all these nature documentaries, like Planet Earth and generally things with David Attenborough, he's the man. For example, with Ghost Reptillia i saw some docs on reptiles and how tempurature affects their lives. I mean it litterally determines whether a newborn is female or male. Ive just been seeing all these synchronicites in nature and life. And ive decided to celebrate it to the max. Life with all it's complications and nonsense. The mere fact that i have the potential to reach a worldwide audience is enough to make me happy. Im excited about all the posibilities.
Soul. Love. Humana.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghost Reptillia EP

I wrote and recorded all the songs on the EP today. This is a real kind of punk, DIY record I think. I mean, even though some of the tracks, like Asleep and Was I Dreaming arent that "punk" sounding or hard, i guess. But I dont think thats what punk stands for. I mean, Neil Young was as much of a punk as Joy Division and Syd Viscious were. The idea of punk is always one of rebellion and truth. I mean, rock and roll was punk, Nirvana and the grunge movement was punk. Punk was the ever changing, shifting idea that took the minds of young men and told them to be courageous. To have courage to be honest, to be yourself. I think the punk movement now is just really ambient music in the pop setting. Or noise music. Or shoegazing, that whole reverb sound. I mean, reverb is the new distortion. I think that's a really courageous and positive sound to be around. It's not only old European guys behind a computer and a bunch of sample boards, it's teenagers in their basement with cheap amps and old shitty guitars. To be able to go against the grain and say I want to try something new. Thats whats its all about really....
That's what Ive done here, I made this in my basement and let everything strip down. I recorded instruments straight with no effects added on in editing, except for Asleep. Bare, raw...raw power.
This is really a pop EP. If pop met noise and ambient at a wedding party...
Soul. Love. Reptillia.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

-I Can Do Anything- Virtual 7"

I just made this Virtual 7" in the afternoon. I was searching up a bunch of old archival footage of interviews with people like Iggy Pop, Bruce Lee...and I was jamming on the piano too. I decided to mix in some of interviews into the tracks. In Water, it's a Bruce Lee's interview. And in Courage, it's Cornel West in Examined Life. Which is a really fucking awsome movie. Hope this can encourage you to take some action with your life. I know it's helped me...

Soul. Love. Body.

What Lies Over The Headlights- Virtual 7"

This is a virtual 7" EP. This is my first real ambient, shoegazer/drone sound. I wanted to create something you could fall asleep to. This is susposed to act in the same way as meditation music. You dont have to necessairly listen to it, just let it cover you up and make you fall asleep. It can accompany you on late night walks or small moments of solitude.

I'm gonna be making alot more of these. I think next time they'll be attuned to specific settings. Like you listent to it at night outside, or in your bed at dawn, or riding late night on a highway. I just want to make as much of these as I can.

BTW, on an interesting note, all these sounds were produced from an acoustic guitar.
Soul. Love. Night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No More Runnin'

I've been trying to make a bunch of small songs that encourage and uplift the listener. It all started when I just wanted to make something that would prepare me for something, something that would encourage me or motivate me.

No More Runnin' is the first in a series of Mantraic songs. Just vocals and a few simple lines. I hope this can help you as much as it has helped me. Conquer your fear. Eat darkness.


Devil (Shoegazer) Instrumental

Hey everyone

This is a song I made a while back when I was pretty heavy into M83. They're a fucking awesome band. I love them. This is pretty different from what Ive posted lately. This track is really electronic, wall of sound type affair. I wish it was a little bit longer, I would love to let it just drone on and on. I might add vocals later on.

I wanted to have this really scratching, brooding kind of noise that was overlapped with a really nice simple lullabye melody. That's why I called it Devil.

Soul. Love. Xerathryn

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Phantom Curtain EP

So here's the second EP compiled from summer recordings. This one is distinctly different in sound and texture from Weird Summer. The Phantom Curtain is a ghost record. It is a recording of forest spirits and dead souls from the beyond.

Soul. Love. Xerathryn.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weird Summer EP


I got back from Germany yesterday afternoon. I finished compiling this EP which I play under the moniker "Raver". Most of the songs Ive already posted on the blog. Names have been changed, 'Wait For Me' is now 'And the Fleeting Light' , 'Candies' is now 'The Laurel Canyons'. The new songs are 'Hazel' and 'Walk Into the Sun'. The album cover was actually taken in Koln, Germany.

I made this EP as a kind of requiem to the summer. The ending of one wormhole and the opening of another. I hope youll enjoy the music as much as I did making it.

Click on the title to download it. I converted it to a compressed zip file.

Love. Thanks. Xerathryn