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The moment in between everything descends into l i g h t n e s s / / /

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Hello world...or at least a very very very small portion of it....
I'm taking a break from music...for a while...all that means is that I won't be posting anymore mp3s...nothing new for a while. Ive gotta stop just releasing new songs just for the sake of releasing's like every time Ive finished up a song, I feel like I have to put it up, cause Im so excited about it....its in the spur of the moment...and I have to stop doing that. I think Ive made that pretty clear (i.e. see past posts)

And I STILL haven't found MY sound..I feel like all the songs Ive made up to this point have been trying to mimic what someone else is doing. I think influences should be influences and nothing more. Every time I hear a new sound I really like, I try to mirror that and most of the doesnt sound right. It doesnt sound like me. It's taken me 4 years to realize that, but it's about time I start doing something rooted in me. Ive gotten tired of this constant recording...I mean, almost all of my songs were written and recorded within a day....and that's not me bragging, it's me saying that what Ive been releasing hasnt been made with the time and care it deserves. EP in the future....but I will be releasing a split with Top Girls...I wont back out on that.

So, Spiritif Records will be returned to it's original name of CONTACT FROM BEYOND. And yes, I know that'll be a big hassle to everyone who's posted a link about this site. But I guess that'll be nice, like if someone is reading about me, their journey will end with that broken link....causing me to grow ever more into the background. Ha look at me, talking like Im famous or some shit. Anyways, I'll be posting music and things that I like. Nothing new from me for a while tho...which should be good. It'll only be stuff from artists and musicians and people and things and pictures and all that crap.....

Well...that was a lengthy read, maybe you got bored and drifted off. But really tho, as Ive said so many times, who's reading this? Im gonna go ahead and say less than ten people. Well to you...thank you for everything you've done, for me, for yourself, for the world....I love you and your extended family.



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Hello world
So I'll be hosting almost all my music at my tumblr. I'll be posting pictures up here.
Get on over there!

All Of Us Now

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'll be posting more and more over at my tumblr. Currently, you can check on some ambient/drone tracks Ive been making.....those'll be compiled into some sort of EP....
Thanks for all the love! Everyone, everywhere....thank you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waiting - Top Girls/Guerre

The first single from a collaboration between me and Top Girls.....from a forthcoming split release!!!

Feel the beat and the vox


Halo (Beyonce Knowles cover)

Halo (Beyonce Knowles cover) by Guerre

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Diary blah blah blah

Just got back from hanging with Jarred from Life:Aquatic at a FISHING gig down on Oxford St. Sick night. Fishing were incredible, a plethora of intricately built samples layered to create a frenzy of melodies and beats that hit all the right pleasure spots in your ear....simply amazing. Check 'em out here, where they got P4'kd. Those dudes are awesome...

Still in early stages of due time....for now, be still.

Also, in the afternoon, I was walking around the city and came upon a sweet ass walkaway I had never walked on before around Circular Quay....I keep discovering new things about this city. There were a bunch of tourists there too, and I started feeling like a tourist, or more like a traveler....and it felt good. Ive been here a little more than 5 months and Ive been feeling at home, ive grown accustomed to life here. But lately Ive been venturing and walking around the city and it's been really good. I feel alien, I feel like im in a another country.....and thats good. It's good once in a while to feel like you dont belong.

So here's to those who dont belong.....


Thursday, August 12, 2010

With Eyes Like Those

I made this song a few weeks ago...never got the courage to putting it up. But I figured it was about time. I didn't like having the blog empty...I havent put up something new in a long time, and that kills my momentum..I guess thats just how I work, record whenever I feel like it...The new EP is still in its early stages, really trying to find a sound right now, I'm not satisfied yet! But for now, with eyes like those....AW CRAP, I just spelled my own name wrong on the cover, I wrote Guere, with one R instead of with two Rs!!! WOW, im an idiot. oh well....


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I havent written here in too long. Blogs need to be maintained. So whats happened so far? Got a bandcamp page and I'm starting to work/gather inspiration for this upcoming EP. I want this EP to be really well designed, in artwork, lyrics and the overall style and mood. Im gonna spend a fair amount of time on this....tweaking, recording.....unlike with my other recordings where it was straight like first take is the only take....i wanna NOT do that this time...i really wanna refine my peices...I'm thinking this will be a 5 song EP, composed of samples and vox.....i made some cuts and they're all pretty drone-y and r&b...Im really tweaking the sounds this time and getting inspiration from everywhere.....wong kar wai films...sade, maxwell, sex therapy.....the dark style....hong kong ganstas....shanghai nightlife..

Well thats whats happening musically, as life. It's all going....pretty normal. And that doesnt feel good, nor does it feel bad. Im at a point where everything's really steady and I dont not care but I dont care...??!?!?! you know? While everyone's young and travelling and just having a good time...I'm here, being, feeling normal. Im on the otherside of the world but im not taking advantage of that. But then again, I feel like im doing alot. Im making music and getting my stuff on blogs, giging, making connections and meeting really awesome and nice on my own and doing school....and still. i dont know man. Again, as always and forever, I'm not making sense....!!!

Well, enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading and listening and loving. New EP in the out, it's gonna be stellar...hopefully.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unthinkable (I'm Ready) - Alicia Keys cover

The first time I heard the entire Element of Freedom album I was amazed. I thought every song in there was perfect....the production was so unconventional yet really catchy, and this time, Miss Keys didn't restrain her creative abilities...this is for you.....

The cover was just for fun really, just givin respect and love to Alicia....


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your Terradome

This is the b-side for Dress You Down....welcome to your very own dome of terror...fill it up with your fantasies....


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dress You Down

New cut. This is my getting-ready-to-make-deep-love song....although it doesnt really sound too sensual at's a slow jam tho...And I'm in the process of recording/writing/procrastinating about another EP. A full on slow-jam ambient neo-soul jam....sometime in the near future...for now, I'll dress you down.

Go on take it off you know what I'll do


Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Three Times

Find Your Love

New song. Sampled based.....revel in the vinyl crackage and reverbed vocals....this is to all those who are alone and there love for me? yes, yes there is....


Friday, July 23, 2010

Cool Happenings

Just got in...pretty damn tired. Had to catch the night rider...bummer. The gig was alright, I didnt feel to good about my performance, but i think musicians are the one's who judge themselves the hardest. I was talking to Russell from We Say Bamboulee (who i thought killed it tonight), but he thought they performed not so well. They seemed pretty tight from what I saw. Lots of love goes out to those dudes...doug, russell and peter. Handsome fellows. Check out their stuff here. Also shout out to Great Earthquake who play some tight instrumental loops. Check him out here.

As well, met Jarred from Life:Aquatic. Who's a super nice and awesome guy. He runs an sick blog you guys should check out. But more importantly, met Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear.....yea...i know. I wasn't as star struck as Jarred but was surprised how cool it was to meet him. We felt like little girls who had met Justin Beiber....yea, it was that cool.

But anyways, it was a cool night even though my set sucked. There was alot of distortion and shit, and at one point I was like fuck it, im gonna make a wall of noise. And that was my last song.....

Still cant really believe the blog stuff, I know it may not seem like anything at all, but I read these blogs quite a bit and they always offer quality material from bands from all over. So it was awesome being part of that. Hopefully more to come...



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

This post is just to give a big thanks and big love to Who have been kind enough to post some of my mangled pieces of sounds that I call music...they've always posted the tunes i send them. so a big shout out to them.

thanks guys.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tomorrow, Sundogs (single) w b-side

This was already posted before on mediafire. But im selling this as my single. Ive listened to it over the past few days and its growing on me. It's my hip hop well, a new b-side was record exclusively for this cut...Yesterday, Sundogs


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

River Song feat. Brothers

A really old song from when I was in Toronto. This is the first song I recorded with both my brothers. We were all cramped inside my room with a full drum set. Me and Lavon had to stand on chairs or set on the bed while Lavien played drums. That screaming at the end is Lavon....We all sing harmonies on this. I play all guitars and a second drum track while Lavien played the main one. Visit his band's stuff Its awesome stuff.............anyways, good times with brothers...

Bloodied and Bruised

A track I made a few weeks ago. Based on a drum sample. This is the nostalgia trip forever....

The frequencies they never did mean anything to me


Things Now

Got back from Perth today. I was there for 3 weeks. Stayed with my brother and had an awesome time just hanging out and chilling with him. It's really beautiful there. It's alot smaller and less congested than Sydney, very quiet place. But nonetheless we had a sweet time. I put a few pics up (see below) of some of the stuff we did. Had some good meals at some nice restaurants and also had some not so good meals. We went swimming at Rottness Island, that was pretty sweet.

Man, I didnt know how good of a time we had until I left. I think its so true that we dont know what we have until its gone. Thinking back now, it was really fun. Back at the time, it justs felt normal. Nothing exciting, but still good. It was really good just talking to him and stuff. Well, none of this means anything to you. But maybe you can relate. Whatever....

I'll be moving to a granny flat at the end of this week. That'll be fun, I have my bathroom and shower, but no fridge. Im thinking of buying a small one. And this'll give me alot of time make music, because i wont need to worry about making too much noise at night. The granny flat is seperated from the house, so its all good. But yea, looking forward to moving and starting a new school semester.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Night Out

Recorded in my brother's bedroom in Perth.....this is special. Loner soul.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Black Swan Reverie

For those who are alone and kept in bundles of tightly wrapped sticks and burn at the lost sight of the sun...or....for those who simply know.


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Friday, June 18, 2010

show last night at the Loft

Thanks to all those who came to the show last night! Sold 2 CDs baby.....spent that on udon noodles. I spent the entire night in the city watching fifa games at Darling Harbour but they wouldnt let me in because i had a musical i had to watch from some stairs behind the a gremlin. The show was good, I think i rushed it a bit, but it people seemed to like it. Thanks to Jordy, Sounds like Sunset and Sleep Debt. As well as Russell and his brother! They hooked me up...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Somewhere Craving the Night

Another cut that samples porn music...featuring reverb, delay, tape hiss, deep breathing and sensual lust....


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Its been a while since I actually wrote anything on the subject of my life and how thats going....Ive been looking back at all my old posts and I felt a really great nostalgia about that time in my life..About being really young and hopeful but also really depressed. Remembering spending whole days recording music, spending late nights recording music...and that room...I loved that room, the room I recorded everything in...and the basement where I did all my jams...I know that none of the things Im saying mean anything at all to you but im guessing you understand that kind of nostalgia...Its so specific to everyone. There's a particular smell, sense, feeling, colour, image to that time. The time im speaking about obviously being the past..There's something so amazing about remembering something that no longer exists and can probably never ever happen again. Thats such a crazy thought. You know what I mean right? Even thought im not making enough sense, u know what im trying to get throught to you...

anyways that was my nostalgia trip. I invite you guys to look back at all my old posts..and try and see that process, that transition from then to now..its kinda cool..

thanks for sticking around



Arouse the Devil Heart

A cut that samples the music in porn like the vocals in this one but i dont know about the sample....features reverb, delay, vinyl crack and your ears