Saturday, March 27, 2010


New song. Old riffs and drum sample. Old shoegazer jam. I'm thinking of rendering this into a guitar and vox only track. Ill have to do some new arrangements. Anyways, I wanted this to be a like an old vinyl record. Like what you would play if shoegaze was existent in the 1950s. Something a new age surfer would listen to when riding a big wave.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Light Between Everyone

It's been so long, too long.

Once, I was an imaginative young man, with dreams, hopes and desires. I was filled with ideas and inspiration. I spontaneous and chaotic, now.....I'm a simpler person.

Sydney is wonderful. Bright and shinning. I live around a 20 min walk from Sydney Harbor. So I walk over there every weekend or so, to catch some street theater and just people watch. I went down the other day and saw the sunset. I was watching all these people, and I was thinking that everyone must be connected. There's a light between all people.

I haven't returned, because I didn't leave.