Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leopard Head EP

Recorded this one today. Im calling it an EP but it really isnt, it's only got three songs, two of which I think are some of the best songs ive written, for real. I really like this EP and it's probably the most proud ive been when finished with an EP. Im gonna start putting out more EPs and Virtual 7" s up. They're really fun for me to make cause i get to experiment with alot of different things. And you guys get to hear more new stuff. Ive never made so much music in so little time and been pleased with the end result.

The whole theme behind this is a kind of celebration to life. Ive been watching all these nature documentaries, like Planet Earth and generally things with David Attenborough, he's the man. For example, with Ghost Reptillia i saw some docs on reptiles and how tempurature affects their lives. I mean it litterally determines whether a newborn is female or male. Ive just been seeing all these synchronicites in nature and life. And ive decided to celebrate it to the max. Life with all it's complications and nonsense. The mere fact that i have the potential to reach a worldwide audience is enough to make me happy. Im excited about all the posibilities.
Soul. Love. Humana.

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