Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Lies Over The Headlights- Virtual 7"

This is a virtual 7" EP. This is my first real ambient, shoegazer/drone sound. I wanted to create something you could fall asleep to. This is susposed to act in the same way as meditation music. You dont have to necessairly listen to it, just let it cover you up and make you fall asleep. It can accompany you on late night walks or small moments of solitude.

I'm gonna be making alot more of these. I think next time they'll be attuned to specific settings. Like you listent to it at night outside, or in your bed at dawn, or riding late night on a highway. I just want to make as much of these as I can.

BTW, on an interesting note, all these sounds were produced from an acoustic guitar.
Soul. Love. Night.

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