Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello from the distant future

Ive been in Köln, Germany for the past week visiting my cousins, thats why I havent posted anything for a long while. I havent been able to record anything, although, I did have a guitar with me so I came up with a few riffs and chord progressions. I am eager to try it them out and find my new sound. Ive had a pretty good time here. Whats great about Köln is the beautiful countryside that kind of surrounds the inner city. The thing is, teens here are always venturing into the city, going to clubs and disco, instead of exploring the nature that engulfs them. They want to escape nature. Its the oposite for me, living in Toronto, I dont get to see any of that. If I lived here, Id spend all my days getting inspired by trees and fields and forests. But I guess if youve been in one place your whole life you might want something more. Like living in a cave with a small glinter of light and knowing that the light is your escape. The light is your glimspe into another reality, another future. A different path. I have visions of these paths, little wormholes I experience in my dreams and thoughts. Theyre wonderful, really...

Anyways, as for the album. Im still trying to pinpoint a sound, a way it should be produced. With the songs I have now, I might just put up a couple of EPs. But the album is still in the works, Id say I havent even started the real record yet, Ive jut made little fragmentated pieces of music, experimental music.

When I get back to Toronto, Ill start putting things up. Ill try and squeeze in a Radio Contact show. As for now, rest...

Soul. Xerathryn. Love.

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