Monday, May 31, 2010

Winter's Lies Hymnal

Here's a lil' sneak peak at whats coming soon....this one's gonna be on the second Love Tape series...impending subtitle, but we'll go with Love Tapes 2 for now...There's the artwork above....This is the R&B jam Ive always wanted to make. Getting heavily into D' well as R. Kelly...hmm... Chocolate Factory.....


Friday, May 28, 2010

Stay Calm for the Fire MIXTAPE

Hey guys. Ive compiled a new mixtape made up of old and new songs...some on the blog, some not. Anyways, here's the plan...I'm going to be selling these for 5$ at my show. It's 9 tracks and its all hand-crafted artwork and stuff. Each CD-R has different artwork...My first gig will be a half hour set opening for a Sydney band named Sounds Like Sunset...I'll be playing Friday, June 18 at The Loft over at UTS....around come on down if you're in the area. And buy a MIXTAPE!!!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Radio Contact 003

Download by clicking on red title above...

Yes, thats right kids..Radio Contact is back with your host..ME! Bigger and Blacker! and whiter and skinnier and harder and faster and stronger and yay!!!! We got some new songs by The Tallest Man on Earth, Delorean and Signer as well as many others!

And hey! If you want to be featured on the show, give me a shout on the comments and we'll arrange something sweet!

Tell me what you think!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning Hymnals for the Low Light Soul

Yo, new EP.This is a return to the shoegaze sound. Some of these songs have already been posted on the blog, like Tyrant and Last Night of Their Youth. I made this EP with the intention of it being like a travelers guide or something. Like something a traveler would listen to. These are meant to be inspirational. Low Light Soul means someone who travels light, who doesnt have much on their mind, no worries. A mind that kind of just goes with the flow.

Sonically, I wanted this to sound like tribal/soul/ shoegaze. The beats, I think, are really upfront and hard. Straightforward and pulsating. While the guitar and melodies are really dreamy, reverbed, delayed, wall of sound thing. Both instrumental tracks are for my brothers. If you know them, i think you'll understand why the songs sound the way they do.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dudes and dudettes....I've always wanted to say that.....
Anyways. To whoever is reading this blog....I assume no I can say FUCK. But on a more serious note. Ive been recording music for quite a while now, just mostly experimental stuff, cause I improv most of my stuff as I record, know what im saying? Anyways, I think it's time I actually start constructing real songs, or at least songs I can recreate live. Half the stuff Ive written I kind of forget how to play....and I since Ive been doing these open mics, I've really been improvising everything and I dont really like that, at least not in that setting because it doesnt allow enough time to fully develop something in improvisation. So I want to start writing some real pieces that I can re-create live...because inevitably (or hopefully) I'll be playing gigs and I'll need to play some real songs...not 'songs' in the sense of chorus/verse/chorus but something I that I can get a hold of...structure! That's what I mean...I think.
But yeah, that's all I wanted to say internet peoples...but really who cares eh? Cause no one's reading this blog....but to anyone who is....eternal good love to you..I mean that, you deserve love, everyone does.



But if you want me to play at you're house party/gig/birthday/pool party/barbecue/bar mitzah/retirement home/open mic give me shout in the comments...

Lovely Ways in the Morning Light

This is a low light soul ambient bliss jam.....BOOM!



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fly Like Grace feat. Guerre

Hakim sent me this instrumental track asking to lay some vocals over I it is...


Fly Like Grace by Spiritif Records


Tribal dance cut...reverb!


Warrior by Guerre

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hakim Asimov - Hold Onto Yer Hairs

New Spiritif Records artist. An obscure young man of mystery. Offering no reference to his age, location or even if Hakim is his true name. Letting only the beautifully heart-wrenching grandeur of his bitterswet pieces to speak for themselves....

Hold Onto Yer Hairs is a collection of intricately constructed guitar loops run through pedals, samples and a myriad of effects to create orchestra-like pieces that move in monumental waves of joy, melancholy and pure voidness. The songs are achingly gorgeous even at their most aggressive. Side A carries the harder sounds, Stellar Bomb starts off lush but lifts into enraged walls of distortion...while Side B offers the lighter more sombre pieces like the instrumental anthem The Trail of the Lonely and the slow-burning meditation of Comedy. And not to be mistaken, this is an album, not an EP and running at under 20 mins, its short and sweet and never overstays it's welcome, not that you want it to end....

You'll be seeing more release from Hakim in the future....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love Lies In The Details

This one's a downer....all cuts are sampled-based....preferably listened to on late nights, the city...

Love Lies In The Details by Guerre