Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hello world community

Im in dead space right now. Recording has stopped, jamming has not though. I'm still trying to really flesh out these skeleton ideas in my head. I've got some school shit i gotta finish, but that wont stop me from recording. Once i get in the right state of mind, things will start flowing. Waves, waves, waves.....crahsing! I'm just trying to figure out my live performance thing with the loop pedal and all......
I'll get back when I'm more inspired.

Thanks and good love to all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reach Out- Virtual 7"

New virtual 7". I seperated the 7" into 2 sides because I feel like the one song With You is seperate from the two other ones. With You is more melancholy. It's about being homesick, or not having a sense of home. Or having no home, but the person you love is your home. Light It Up and Scathing Lives are songs you should listen to when getting stoned.

Thanks and Good love....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miracle Palace

Hello. Sorry for the lack of posts. I just havent gotten around to recording alot of new material.

This song is from last week, I think. It's got a pretty retro, shoegaze, Jesus and Mary Chain thing going on. I like quite a bit. It's the only song recently that Ive listened to after recording it. The guitars could be a bit cleaner. I used the loop pedal for the guitar parts, then added a floor tom for the drums. Ive got this floor tom taking up half my room now. It's a got a really awsome sound to it. I'm going to start incorporating more drums into my sound.

On another, once I get a better microphone (hopefully soon), I want my sound to be heavy and liquid. Im thinking like 'soulgaze' or like industrial soultronica. Something along the lines of that.

I've gotten pretty lazy. Things will get better though. I promise.

Good love.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love No More- Virtual 7"

A Virtual 7" paying homage to Joy Division. Just Like Atmosphere is a cover of the song Atmosphere by Joy Division and Love No More is an original. Industrial, lo-fi, post punk death goth pop.

Good lovin'

So Long, Old Soul

Hellooo. This is a pretty old song, around the time after Weird Summer was finished. The middle part where everything crushes in is a recording of a dim sum lunch I had with my parents and their friends. That was a big part of my life, especially in the summer, going to dim sum. Ive probably been to 30 different chinese restauraunts in my life. It's been a part of me. But when i leave for Australia, that will be gone. that part of my life is gone. So this is like saying goodbye to that, and to this old soul, and my parents friends, who are also old souls.

Thanks. Good love.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Funky Thing

A psychadelic LSD, reverb fever fream, chaos jam. That is all....recorded live, straight no effects.


New song. I just wanted to experiment with my loop pedal. I dont know how I feel about the vocals on this, but the beat was good. Im gonna keep tinkering with this....As for now...have a listen.

Thanks and Good Love

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Few Left

New song I recorded today. I used the loop pedal and just sang over it. Its pretty dreamy, echo-y, reverb. Im really proud of what came out. This song is pretty much about optimistic people dying out. I feel like most teenagers are pretty pessimistic about the future, or at least people in general are. The future is bright, its unknown and most of all its change. Heres to the few..

Thanks. Love.

Instrumentalism Acoustica #2- Time of Day- Virtual 7"

3 old songs from last year, i think. hope you enjoy them. they're pretty little songs.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AM Radio Sea

Hello from distant future

2 old songs from a month back. Overall, I like the sound and texture in these two songs. They'be been lying around in my computer for a while. They're both pretty relative to the sea and the fuzziness of things. I wanted it to sound like a recording of lost 4 track tapes broadcasted through a pirate radio station underwater.
Hope you enjoy.
AM. Xerathryn.

Monday, November 2, 2009



Sorry I havent been on in a while. Things have halted with recording and stuff. I got a loop pedal and am ready to record new stuff soon though. I just wanna get rid of all my old songs. Im working on finalizing all the old songs and cleaning them up so i can finally let them go. Im pretty excited for the new material, its experimental and forward looking. Been listening to alot of bjork and animal collective. they're really innovative guys, i can get inspired by them. The new sound took alot of courage on my part, i tried to very unconventional things, it may not sound very pleasing but its interesting.

Ive also been working on my Phoenix Manifesto. It's a movement in which you take all your old things and let them go and just keep looking forward. Taking old ideas and forms and pushing them into something brand new. Its a way of looking at life. Im at a point where i need to do this. Anyways, look out for the Phoenix Manifesto soon.

Radio Contact died a long time ago. But the idea is still resonant with me. Ive been thinking about a 365 day video/radio update. Like a song a day, or a comic strip a day. Something I can do regularly to document my progress. I like that kind of idea alot, but i still have to think it through.

Well, thats about it. Keep checking the blog, you never know when i might put up some new stuff.