Monday, September 14, 2009

Ghost Reptillia EP

I wrote and recorded all the songs on the EP today. This is a real kind of punk, DIY record I think. I mean, even though some of the tracks, like Asleep and Was I Dreaming arent that "punk" sounding or hard, i guess. But I dont think thats what punk stands for. I mean, Neil Young was as much of a punk as Joy Division and Syd Viscious were. The idea of punk is always one of rebellion and truth. I mean, rock and roll was punk, Nirvana and the grunge movement was punk. Punk was the ever changing, shifting idea that took the minds of young men and told them to be courageous. To have courage to be honest, to be yourself. I think the punk movement now is just really ambient music in the pop setting. Or noise music. Or shoegazing, that whole reverb sound. I mean, reverb is the new distortion. I think that's a really courageous and positive sound to be around. It's not only old European guys behind a computer and a bunch of sample boards, it's teenagers in their basement with cheap amps and old shitty guitars. To be able to go against the grain and say I want to try something new. Thats whats its all about really....
That's what Ive done here, I made this in my basement and let everything strip down. I recorded instruments straight with no effects added on in editing, except for Asleep. Bare, raw...raw power.
This is really a pop EP. If pop met noise and ambient at a wedding party...
Soul. Love. Reptillia.


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