Saturday, February 20, 2010


So im here in Sydney, it doesnt feel like i left home. and i dont mean that in a good way, but i also dont mean it in a bad way. When i came here i didnt exactly immediately try to assemble myself into Australian life and culture. Im living with relatives in Cabramatta, a town an hour away from Sydney. Everyone here is Vietnamese of Chinese Vietnamese. It feels like Im back with family, thats all, it feels familiar, not comfortable, but familiar.

But now, ive finally found a place and am going to be moving in next weekend. Ill get myself rested and settled in and then ill start trying some open mics. For now, im just hanging around. Wont be able to record any new material for a while now. The only you'll hear new material is from live shows. And if you're not in sydney you cant really catch any of them. So im thinking of releasing small live EPs from now on. If I can find a way to somehow record live without bringing my laptop. But look out for that.

Thats all for now i guess. Havent sang or anything in a really long time. need to do that.

frm yr brthr

be more spiritif


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meditations in Bells

i hallucinate a pulse in the dark void, centered into my chest/it expands, bursts then explodes/ then all over again/ i feel the reaper separate skin from skeleton/ i feel ready/ i venture into the wormhole/ there is no true you/ you are spectral demands from your 5th grade imagination/ pre-birth sweat fuels into my veins/ i record the womb in transition...

quick ascend/ heavy light/ follow suite/ and let the opening/ tear itself wide open

the world away in slinders/ like it in cheeks/ of the steploves of stepdaughters///// first of the body, then of the mind. a revolution in the mind

i hang onto yer hairs/ until it untangles into a supernova/ you arouse the devil heart/ arms of leisure/ feel me/ give me sweet esctacy//

fell alone in a sleep dreamt on nonsense//hearing splinted memories of love past

i wipe out/ and it feels good/ absolute

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last Days EP

Hello, here's a 4 song EP. Written in the week before I leave. Ambient drone guitar songs. Drenched in reverb and delay. I particularly like this EP, its washed out but full. Its got a warm liquid sound to it. Like what it would sound like if we recorded inside the womb.