Monday, August 3, 2009

Washing Machine


Here's a new song. My first real attempt at the shoegaze sound. Trying to build up alot of layers, expecially in vocals. I wanted the song to sound really smooth, like it was being washed over by soundwaves. I wrote it after a night with my friends. It's just about being empty. The idea that when you're alone and you feel like everything is hollow, there's still a joy there, a small hope that can fill eternity. The image of a washing machine came to mind. Like our bodies are washing machines waiting to clean our past lives away. Rejuvination.

The song was intended to be heard after a long night out with friends. Your legs are tired, your arms are hanging and your body is wrecked after a long night of dancing, walking and fucking around. Sit back and listen to this tune, let it wash all over you. Let it clean you....

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