Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Almost End of Summer


It is nearing the end of the summer. I am tired and I am also excited. The whole "summer record" experiment was...somewhat succesful. I did make enough songs for an album or two but I didnt make ones that I particularly loved. I didnt hate them, but they werent amazing. I think for me, it was a good learning experience, in terms of the creative process and really finding my sound. And still, I havent found it. Generally, all the songs I wrote were in a spur of the moment, stream of conciousness kind of fashion. I liked that I everything I made was so immediate, but I didnt like the fact that the songs had no real direction, they were all over the place. I'll be posting more of the songs I made over the summer. So, there wont a record coming out anytime soon, but maybe I'll put a group of songs in a small EP.

As for Radio Contact, that might be put on hold. I'm going to Germany on Thursday, to visit my cousins. I'm looking forward to travelling somewhere else. The blog might be inactive for a while, we'll see how things go.

As the summer comes to and end, I'm reminiscing all I've done. This summer was a summer of firsts. First attempt at making real, full fledged songs, first blog, first trip to Germany in 13 years, a first for all the small things that wont mean anything to you, but mean alot to me. I've learnt alot, I've known a little bit more about myself.

Here's to the new season.

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