Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good evening

Sorry I havent been updating the blog. Been busy.

Initially, this summer, I wanted to create a summer record. A really light, lo-fi production, Beach Boy harmonies type album. Essentially a day album. With reocurring references to the sun, the beach, surf, ocean and get the idea. But as the summer progressed, I found a job, which took up most of my time during the day. The only time I had to write and record music was at night or on weekends. These became late nights, often staying up until 3 am writing and recording. And I found my themes centered mostly on darkness, and night and things were much more etheral, and sombre. It all sort of changed into an exploration of night themes. At night, everyone is asleep, at least everyone in your city. But all around the world things are happening. People are experiencing things that may change their lives. It is this feeling of interconnectedness along with feelings of deep loneliness that I truly find interesting about the night. And so I'm changing the course in which the album was taking form. Get ready for some all new material. Soon.....

Yesterday night, if you were aware, was an excellent time to view a meteor storm that happens every 160 years. Apparently the best times were from 11:00 pm - 4:00 am. I decided I'd check it out with some friends. So I headed down to my friends place and met up with two other guys. We climb onto a school roof and made our way up to the highest point we could find, hoping to catch a glimspe of this meteor show. After a while, we saw nothing. We did however, admired the beautiful skyline. The night was dark and the long cityscape stretching around us seemed endless. This was our small moment of remoteness, it was our time to own. And yet, somewhere else in the world, another group a teenagers is doing the same thing...

So I went home at about 12:45. I still hadnt seen any real meteors, so I went out onto my garage roof and I just laid there for about 10 minutes. I saw nothing. Then suddenly out of nowhere a large purple streak crosses the sky. It was a light bluish, purple ember. It had a light filled head and a long dragging tail. And then in an instant it disappeared. It was incredible. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. But it was only for a feeting glimspe. And so with my new found desire for meteors, I got my backpack and went out looking for a darker and higher place. I went over to Elkhorn Middle school and climb their roof, I was a good two storeys and a half up. The night was silent. It was peaceful, no one was awake, small lights dimly light dark buildings, distant sounds of cars and late night meanderrings were heard. The ambiance was eerie. Even though I saw no new meteors in the sky, the night was not a disappointment. The night was peaceful, it was silent, it was mysterious. Darkness cloaked every corner, discovery was waiting to be made......darkness was my friend.
And so I laid there, for about an hour or so. Looking into the sky, staring at the moon, listening to the drone of the city. There was no 9-5, there was no sun, there was no schedule, there was no job, there were no rules, there were no cars, there were no signs, there was no cling, clang, clunk, vroom, chkchrrkbrr, krrk......there was only freedom. There was only the moment in which something was experienced, not by me, but merely a moment happening in this stream of time.......
Soul. Love. Xerathryn.

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