Friday, July 23, 2010

Cool Happenings

Just got in...pretty damn tired. Had to catch the night rider...bummer. The gig was alright, I didnt feel to good about my performance, but i think musicians are the one's who judge themselves the hardest. I was talking to Russell from We Say Bamboulee (who i thought killed it tonight), but he thought they performed not so well. They seemed pretty tight from what I saw. Lots of love goes out to those dudes...doug, russell and peter. Handsome fellows. Check out their stuff here. Also shout out to Great Earthquake who play some tight instrumental loops. Check him out here.

As well, met Jarred from Life:Aquatic. Who's a super nice and awesome guy. He runs an sick blog you guys should check out. But more importantly, met Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear.....yea...i know. I wasn't as star struck as Jarred but was surprised how cool it was to meet him. We felt like little girls who had met Justin Beiber....yea, it was that cool.

But anyways, it was a cool night even though my set sucked. There was alot of distortion and shit, and at one point I was like fuck it, im gonna make a wall of noise. And that was my last song.....

Still cant really believe the blog stuff, I know it may not seem like anything at all, but I read these blogs quite a bit and they always offer quality material from bands from all over. So it was awesome being part of that. Hopefully more to come...



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