Saturday, August 7, 2010


I havent written here in too long. Blogs need to be maintained. So whats happened so far? Got a bandcamp page and I'm starting to work/gather inspiration for this upcoming EP. I want this EP to be really well designed, in artwork, lyrics and the overall style and mood. Im gonna spend a fair amount of time on this....tweaking, recording.....unlike with my other recordings where it was straight like first take is the only take....i wanna NOT do that this time...i really wanna refine my peices...I'm thinking this will be a 5 song EP, composed of samples and vox.....i made some cuts and they're all pretty drone-y and r&b...Im really tweaking the sounds this time and getting inspiration from everywhere.....wong kar wai films...sade, maxwell, sex therapy.....the dark style....hong kong ganstas....shanghai nightlife..

Well thats whats happening musically, as life. It's all going....pretty normal. And that doesnt feel good, nor does it feel bad. Im at a point where everything's really steady and I dont not care but I dont care...??!?!?! you know? While everyone's young and travelling and just having a good time...I'm here, being, feeling normal. Im on the otherside of the world but im not taking advantage of that. But then again, I feel like im doing alot. Im making music and getting my stuff on blogs, giging, making connections and meeting really awesome and nice on my own and doing school....and still. i dont know man. Again, as always and forever, I'm not making sense....!!!

Well, enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading and listening and loving. New EP in the out, it's gonna be stellar...hopefully.


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