Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things Now

Got back from Perth today. I was there for 3 weeks. Stayed with my brother and had an awesome time just hanging out and chilling with him. It's really beautiful there. It's alot smaller and less congested than Sydney, very quiet place. But nonetheless we had a sweet time. I put a few pics up (see below) of some of the stuff we did. Had some good meals at some nice restaurants and also had some not so good meals. We went swimming at Rottness Island, that was pretty sweet.

Man, I didnt know how good of a time we had until I left. I think its so true that we dont know what we have until its gone. Thinking back now, it was really fun. Back at the time, it justs felt normal. Nothing exciting, but still good. It was really good just talking to him and stuff. Well, none of this means anything to you. But maybe you can relate. Whatever....

I'll be moving to a granny flat at the end of this week. That'll be fun, I have my bathroom and shower, but no fridge. Im thinking of buying a small one. And this'll give me alot of time make music, because i wont need to worry about making too much noise at night. The granny flat is seperated from the house, so its all good. But yea, looking forward to moving and starting a new school semester.


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