Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Its been a while since I actually wrote anything on the subject of my life and how thats going....Ive been looking back at all my old posts and I felt a really great nostalgia about that time in my life..About being really young and hopeful but also really depressed. Remembering spending whole days recording music, spending late nights recording music...and that room...I loved that room, the room I recorded everything in...and the basement where I did all my jams...I know that none of the things Im saying mean anything at all to you but im guessing you understand that kind of nostalgia...Its so specific to everyone. There's a particular smell, sense, feeling, colour, image to that time. The time im speaking about obviously being the past..There's something so amazing about remembering something that no longer exists and can probably never ever happen again. Thats such a crazy thought. You know what I mean right? Even thought im not making enough sense, u know what im trying to get throught to you...

anyways that was my nostalgia trip. I invite you guys to look back at all my old posts..and try and see that process, that transition from then to now..its kinda cool..

thanks for sticking around




  1. Beautiful words, nostalgia is really something that has to be felt and cannot be conveyed. But you're right, every experiences it and has to know that powerful feeling.

  2. Lavurn, I feel you write to me because I can relate to this stamp-marking of the senses. Music is an anchor of energies that encompasses the five senses and seals what happened when...

    Groove out man.