Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Diary blah blah blah

Just got back from hanging with Jarred from Life:Aquatic at a FISHING gig down on Oxford St. Sick night. Fishing were incredible, a plethora of intricately built samples layered to create a frenzy of melodies and beats that hit all the right pleasure spots in your ear....simply amazing. Check 'em out here, where they got P4'kd. Those dudes are awesome...

Still in early stages of due time....for now, be still.

Also, in the afternoon, I was walking around the city and came upon a sweet ass walkaway I had never walked on before around Circular Quay....I keep discovering new things about this city. There were a bunch of tourists there too, and I started feeling like a tourist, or more like a traveler....and it felt good. Ive been here a little more than 5 months and Ive been feeling at home, ive grown accustomed to life here. But lately Ive been venturing and walking around the city and it's been really good. I feel alien, I feel like im in a another country.....and thats good. It's good once in a while to feel like you dont belong.

So here's to those who dont belong.....


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