Saturday, July 4, 2009


I'll be posting some new stuff sooner or later. I just haven't gotten around to it. My internet and computer are screwing up everything. Damn you technology! I've been experimenting with my delay pedal and getting some really cool sounds. So I think I might record a whole session where I play songs which are centered around the pedal and reverb and delay. I'll try and get that up soon. The idea is to get a radio show going. Maybe bi-weekly I'll put some stuff on. Could be songs, artists I like, conversations, ambient sutff, I dont really know yet. But I'm pretty excited aobut what might come out. So watch out for this new radio blog thing.

I'm starting my job next week, so that may mean fewer and fewer post but I'll try and make the best of it....I see alot of sleepless nights ahead. I feel kind of high or something when I cant sleep, or when I stay up really late. Like i turn into a creature or something. It's fucked up.

I'm renting as many alien movies as I can. Encounters of the third kind, mission to mars, contact, the twilight zone series. And the Dark Knight 2 by Frank Miller is awesome. People really hate the art in that, but I think it kind of has a new-wave, punk , pop art feel to it. The whole blog, music, radio thing may slow down and only be active on weekends, but ill try and make the most of it. Everything's in the air for now, in terms of this blog. I'll probably work on it over the weekends, or days off.

Long live the weekends!


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