Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eyes Lashed/Tunnels and Eat Darkness


Here's a new song. I recorded it two days ago. Soaked in reverb. I changed the whole tone and mood from the other "summer" songs. This one's a bit darker. I wanted to create this kind of world-ending vibe. I had this image of the world ending, it's all dark and stormy but this one guy is still just surfing off into the ocean. That's the whole image behind it. The song's subject matter is more about really late nights where you cant sleep. I was going to call it tunnels, like subways. Because me and my brother would sneak out at nights and eat at this great Korean place called Owl Minerva. Pork bone soup, it's amazing. And we'd get there by subway, but on the way back it'd be too late for the trains so we'd take an hour long walk back home. This song's about the feeling I get when i stay up late. Like there's no one else. The city is asleep but the world is awake. Shit is happening all over. It's about isolation, the idea of solitude.

In terms of recording, I've been heavily influenced by Grouper and her muddy echo-y recording style. Simple. Lots of layers. I tried to find ghost sounds and stuff.

Eat Darkness is another song in the same darker mood. It's about conquering your fear. Like seeing the black, almost oil -like texture of a lake on a hot summer's day. You want to escape the heat, but you know you'll be met by blistering cold water. And the water is so dark you cant see anything. Eat Darkness is about taking the unknown and devouring it, just taking the fear and making it fear you. Both these songs are really hopeful, even though they might not sound like it. It's about conquering fears. It's about late nights, the ocean, subways, my brother and the idea of being able to jump into the lake...

I have a picture to illustrate the mood I wanted.

Long live the late nights....

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  1. You have brought back what was the forgotten me. Thank you.