Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lost Recordings of A Mysterious Sea Traveller

Shazam! (proceeded with puffs of smoke and lightning)

Picture this:

A man is suddenly given the news that he has terminal cancer. He is given approximately 6 months to a year to live. With the knowledge of his emminent death, he spends all of his funds on a sailboat, food, supplies and clothing. He sets off on a 6 month-year journey around the world, crossing both the atlantic and pacific oceans. He brings along with him a guitar and a 4 track recorder.

He burns all his belongings and gives the rest of his money to friends and family. He leaves nothing behind and on a cold Sunday morning at 5 am in the morning, he sets his sails and embarks on his journey of self-discovery. Along the way to mystical lands, sacred tombs and temples, majestic natures and wildlifes, he records all he feels and all he sees onto the four track recorder. His audio letters are sparse, using nothing but his voice, the guitar and found pieces of metal objects. His life is one of solitude.

He spends his days fishing for food, or at other times, stopping by the shore and trying exotic foods of Africa, India and Southeast Asia. His journey is a roadtrip, a roadtrip across the vast Earth. His beard grows long, his skin darkens to the rays of the sun, his ribs press against his body. He slowly becomes at peace with the world around and within him.

Everday he sits at the corner of his ship awaiting the sun to sink into the sea. He closes his eyes along with the sun and he feels the rays soak his body. The sea smells of fish and ocean mist. The echo of waves crashing against his boat signal the rise of the tide. He is ready, he is calm. His 4 track recorder indents the sound frequencies of the waves, the sun and his voice....He closes his eyes as the sun submerges into the deep blue sea...

His recordings are found years later. The tapes are encapsulated within plastic bags with labels marked, India, Australia, Perth...Chile, Sao Paulo, SeaGulls and Sunsets. The recordings are rustic and bare. The tapes have been warped and cutup by the sea, they are undoubetly low quality. The sound of sea waves cloak all the tapes in a distorted blur. His voice is weezy, the guitar is old but finely picked. At times he seems to be going out his mind and at others, his voice is deep with melancholy. He sings of birds, memories of his past life, wildlife, the sea, the sun, the sky and the vastness of his loneliness.

I hereby present to you one of his songs...It was found in the tape labled Blue Bell Signal Birds....this is the third "track", it is entitled Chromatic At The End Of Day.

......picture that and listen......

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