Saturday, July 25, 2009

Radio Contact No. 1

Hey everyone.

Here it is, the very first ever Radio Contact show. This is a pretty rough rendering of what should come in the future. This is primarly a live improvisational set by me. That's about it. In future shows there will be guests and all sorts of neat stuff, so watch out for that. I'm still pretty busy right now with planning for school, my job and running errands. I'm trying to put in as much time into this blog as possible. Weekends and late nights...

I'm still trying to find my sound, in terms of production and all that. I think I might have ditched the whole lo-fi, four track, rusted tape reverb sound. I might just go for a more sparse recording style, like Eat Darkness.

Anyways, here's the improvised live show set list:

1. The Dub Song
2. Take It Back (Floating)
3. The Cello Song (Minor)
4. The Hazy Song (The End)
There you go. Enjoy. I'm alway sup for some feedback as well...

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