Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hey guys
I've been reading all my old posts, from last year when I was in Toronto. And I thought, I was so much more inspired back then, i was so much more into this whole music thing. And I still am, but it's not the same. But it's not worse. I just wish I would record more and more. And record with a better sense of quality, instead of quantity. That's why I record ambient peices, because they're fun to make and they come out great. I havent actually written a real song in a while now. Whenever I record, I don't have any pre-written material, i just say, i wanna record something like this, and I record. It's all pretty spontaneous...I kind of want to stop doing that.

I've been really enjoying the open mics though. I think more than anything I like performing live. I cant wait for those monday nights and to perform. See, I've been jamming out at home using headphones plugged into my amp,which sounds really restrictive and stuff. The headphones can only do so much. I really just wanna scream my fucking face off when I do live stuff. But the only complaint that I have about open mics is the set way too short. I really need to start getting full shows. Ah, fuck.

Well that's my update. I'll be writing more soon....


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