Monday, April 26, 2010

Here's a whole new EP, recorded during this week. The songs are really built upon the beats. First, I got the beat. Then I worked on a melody. And that was it really, but I tried to sing within the beats. I tried singing like hip-hop singers sing, or how rappers spit. Because their rhymes work within the beat, they have flow. It's like the way they rap or sing accents and enhances the entire beat. So that you can get syncopation, or polyrhythms, and lots of cool things happening. That's what I tried to do, have like a groovy R&B feel. And I love that soul/r&b voice, like boyz II men, Maxwell, ne-yo. It's just so smooth and soulful. I also tried to have that as well..........


Love Tapes by Guerre

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