Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I haven't written over here for a while now. Maybe it's because there's not alot I want to write about. Or nothing I think is worth writing about...

I've just been living on my own for a while now. I've got my own room and all, cooking my own food, buying groceries, washing my clothes...It all seems so normal. Nothing really exciting, if my life was like this...I dont know if I'd be okay with that, at least not now. I don't have a job...yet, but if this is what its supposed to be like...9-5, pay, work, weekends, party, vacation, work...I'm not going to be satisfied. Ive only been here a month and I feel like there's nothing new. I feel like Ive been here for a year..........Ignore what I said, I don't even know if it's completely true.

Now, on to more important things. The vocal loops have been working out really well. If you've seen the videos you'll know that I've really been getting the hang of things. I haven't quite worked on my performance, I havent even really worked out the songs. I basically plan and create the loops at home and once I get those down, I just freestyle the singing on stage. Everything's pretty basic now, not alot of dynamic. In the next Video Contact, you'll probably be seeing me with a guitar.

Update: There is no Video Contact 003 this week because the open mic was cancelled for Easter Holiday.

I've still been working hard on my 'sound'. I'm completely obsessed with it now. Ive been thinking about it constantly, drawing from different sources. There's this whole image behind who, what, where, when in my music. So to paint a pretty clear of picture of what I would like from my songs........

On a cold winter's day on a frozen beach on a Pacific Island...where surfers ride the ocean's cold waters into infinite waves of is the last night at the soapline...a vox speaker sends the lush harmonies of an unknown tribal hymn. The songs are sparse but full, with little instrumentation in it but yet still being able to fill in the vast island shores. The harmonies are deep. Centered, and distant. The songs drift and wander through a gaze of passages. The cries of a reverbed-out voice rips through the song. The sun is descending into the sea, eaten by the blue mass.

That's the kind of feel I want. But I mean you shouldn't take any of this seriously because the way you see my music is most definitely different from the way I perceive my own work. If anything, I just want my songs to have a ethereal feeling to them.

Til the end of time.....

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