Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Am Your Brother, Mountain

This song is to my brothers...../////

*A note on the recent ambient pieces...: I've been recording a bunch of ambient shoegaze-post-rock songs recently, late at night mostly. They'll be compiled into an EP called Virgin. I'll probably be making CD-Rs of these EPs and sending them to whoever wants to get them. They CD-Rs will be free. The EP will be available for download as always on the blog. I'm really happy with the way these are sounding. More to come...You'll have to wait for actual non-ambient pieces to manifest. As I'm finding it hard to be satisfied with the recording process and product. I want to record live, from actual amps and stuff. But with my hardware it just wouldn't sound good. Plus, the walls are thin in this house.....I want to record live in large spaces with little overdub work. For now, I'm sticking to Video Contacts series...

//frm yr brthr//

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