Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Song- Candies or Crystal Babe


This is a new song. I wrote it and recorded it today. This is the first in a series of drafts for my upcoming album. Title impending, I'm thinking Candies or Crystal Babe.....

The song was recorded on Audacity, this really shitty program that you can download off the net. Its easy to use and the effects are straightfoward and simple. Ill be using this program to record the new songs until I can get a hold of a 4 track or something.

There will be more new songs to be uploaded. They'll all be in the theme for my new summer album. Itll be about summer, heat, sun, surf, teenagers, rebellion, 3 bean drinks, swimming and rich poolside girls...title impending.

Be sure to check out my myspace page at www.myspace.com/dimensionsdimensions.

Right, and my new name is The Dimensions. I'll explain later.

Long live the heat.


Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

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