Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dudes and dudettes....I've always wanted to say that.....
Anyways. To whoever is reading this blog....I assume no I can say FUCK. But on a more serious note. Ive been recording music for quite a while now, just mostly experimental stuff, cause I improv most of my stuff as I record, know what im saying? Anyways, I think it's time I actually start constructing real songs, or at least songs I can recreate live. Half the stuff Ive written I kind of forget how to play....and I since Ive been doing these open mics, I've really been improvising everything and I dont really like that, at least not in that setting because it doesnt allow enough time to fully develop something in improvisation. So I want to start writing some real pieces that I can re-create live...because inevitably (or hopefully) I'll be playing gigs and I'll need to play some real songs...not 'songs' in the sense of chorus/verse/chorus but something I that I can get a hold of...structure! That's what I mean...I think.
But yeah, that's all I wanted to say internet peoples...but really who cares eh? Cause no one's reading this blog....but to anyone who is....eternal good love to you..I mean that, you deserve love, everyone does.



But if you want me to play at you're house party/gig/birthday/pool party/barbecue/bar mitzah/retirement home/open mic give me shout in the comments...

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  1. Hey Lavurn,

    Well, whoever else is not reading... You can rest assured I'm always reading.

    And I send you much love.