Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning Hymnals for the Low Light Soul

Yo, new EP.This is a return to the shoegaze sound. Some of these songs have already been posted on the blog, like Tyrant and Last Night of Their Youth. I made this EP with the intention of it being like a travelers guide or something. Like something a traveler would listen to. These are meant to be inspirational. Low Light Soul means someone who travels light, who doesnt have much on their mind, no worries. A mind that kind of just goes with the flow.

Sonically, I wanted this to sound like tribal/soul/ shoegaze. The beats, I think, are really upfront and hard. Straightforward and pulsating. While the guitar and melodies are really dreamy, reverbed, delayed, wall of sound thing. Both instrumental tracks are for my brothers. If you know them, i think you'll understand why the songs sound the way they do.


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