Monday, January 25, 2010

Spiritif Records

hello world
so..Spiritif Records will be my new way of releasing and publishing things that i like, whether I made it or not. It may be music, movies or comics. I dont know yet.

I've drawn alot of comics over the months and im planning on scanning a bunch of them. They'll be called Spiritifs. The actual small comic strips are called spiritifs.

As for recording, throughout this whole week, ill be writting and recording ambient peices every night before I sleep. They'll be compiled into EPs and such.

Also, I've been making CD-Rs. Drawing the artwork by hand and all that, making it look like a real record and all. I'll be scanning those and of course they'll be available online for free. I havent figured out a way to mass produce those CD-Rs yet, and plus i dont really have the funds. And, well, I need people to start recognizing my music. Strangers, people i dont know.

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  1. sweet man, i'll try and record some of my own stuff and send it your way.