Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Desert Soul, Rising Sun

So heres the deal. Im going over to Sydney at the end of january to do a bachelor of fine arts. Im not bringing a guitar or any instruments, but I still wanna be playing and/or writing music. So heres what im bringing over to sydney: loop pedal, delay pedal and delay/reverb pedal with a mic and a couple of wires. What im planning on doing is playing some open mic nights, as many as i can. After a while, id like to play regularly....So basically, everything will be vocal based. Only vocals....beats and melodies. Ive already written a couple of loops that i think sound pretty solid. I thought it would be a total disaster without my guitar, since I was kinda planning on doing only instrumental stuff live, but the vocal thing is turing out great.

I re-wrote the song Give Me Some Of Your Lovin' into a vocal peice, and now its a completely new song. The reverb and dealy give it a really spacious sound. While jamming once, my brother said it sounded like a tribal african choir in a huge cathedral. I liked that. So this has given new motivation.

Anyways, here's a sample of what it might sound like, although this pretty rough, and recording program was shit (still using audacity). Its all improvised, it added a bit of percussion afterwards. For now, im calling it Desert Soul, Rising Sun. Ive got this middle eastern desert soul thing going on with this.

Thanks and good love

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  1. This sounds great! I hope you have an amazing time in Australia, it's going to be a great change of environment.