Monday, November 2, 2009



Sorry I havent been on in a while. Things have halted with recording and stuff. I got a loop pedal and am ready to record new stuff soon though. I just wanna get rid of all my old songs. Im working on finalizing all the old songs and cleaning them up so i can finally let them go. Im pretty excited for the new material, its experimental and forward looking. Been listening to alot of bjork and animal collective. they're really innovative guys, i can get inspired by them. The new sound took alot of courage on my part, i tried to very unconventional things, it may not sound very pleasing but its interesting.

Ive also been working on my Phoenix Manifesto. It's a movement in which you take all your old things and let them go and just keep looking forward. Taking old ideas and forms and pushing them into something brand new. Its a way of looking at life. Im at a point where i need to do this. Anyways, look out for the Phoenix Manifesto soon.

Radio Contact died a long time ago. But the idea is still resonant with me. Ive been thinking about a 365 day video/radio update. Like a song a day, or a comic strip a day. Something I can do regularly to document my progress. I like that kind of idea alot, but i still have to think it through.

Well, thats about it. Keep checking the blog, you never know when i might put up some new stuff.


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