Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miracle Palace

Hello. Sorry for the lack of posts. I just havent gotten around to recording alot of new material.

This song is from last week, I think. It's got a pretty retro, shoegaze, Jesus and Mary Chain thing going on. I like quite a bit. It's the only song recently that Ive listened to after recording it. The guitars could be a bit cleaner. I used the loop pedal for the guitar parts, then added a floor tom for the drums. Ive got this floor tom taking up half my room now. It's a got a really awsome sound to it. I'm going to start incorporating more drums into my sound.

On another, once I get a better microphone (hopefully soon), I want my sound to be heavy and liquid. Im thinking like 'soulgaze' or like industrial soultronica. Something along the lines of that.

I've gotten pretty lazy. Things will get better though. I promise.

Good love.

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