Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everybody's Free

Hey gang. Been a while.
I'm in Toronto, currently listening to that EP called 1998 when I used to make music by the name of Raver. When I was young and a bit less pessimistic than I am now. Actually, that's not true. If anything, I'm more optimistic and naive than I've ever been, cause I've seen what's possible when you do the things you have a love of doing and making. But I don't know if that's coming across in the music now. But it will. Nothing is absolute......Damn, this Raver stuff is pretty sweet.

I'm leaving for Sydney on the 13th and am pretty excited. Going back, being independent. Pretty psyched for the things to come, musically and all. It's like I've gotten a second try at living in Sydney. But not that the first time was bad, quite the opposite, it fucking killed. But now, with everything I now and all the wonderful people I've met, I know what I'm in for and I'm hella excited.

Things at home have been pretty sweet too. Nice and relaxed. It's crazy seeing good friends and family again. And it's also amazing to see everything changing as well. People are going places. The landscape of my neighborhood is changing as well. It's the passage of time and shit. just seeing it all become something else, transforming right in form of you. Witnessing the moment in which one thing becomes another wholey new thing. You know? Yea you know. This is basically how I feel. So to everyone out there, everyone reading this, everyone not reading this, everybody. Love and respect. For real.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is.............something I can't properly articulate in words. Looking forward to the unknown....

Still loving you,



  1. looking forward to holding you in my oversized jumper embrace too!
    love forever and always,

  2. take care! love you