Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meditations in Bells

i hallucinate a pulse in the dark void, centered into my chest/it expands, bursts then explodes/ then all over again/ i feel the reaper separate skin from skeleton/ i feel ready/ i venture into the wormhole/ there is no true you/ you are spectral demands from your 5th grade imagination/ pre-birth sweat fuels into my veins/ i record the womb in transition...

quick ascend/ heavy light/ follow suite/ and let the opening/ tear itself wide open

the world away in slinders/ like it in cheeks/ of the steploves of stepdaughters///// first of the body, then of the mind. a revolution in the mind

i hang onto yer hairs/ until it untangles into a supernova/ you arouse the devil heart/ arms of leisure/ feel me/ give me sweet esctacy//

fell alone in a sleep dreamt on nonsense//hearing splinted memories of love past

i wipe out/ and it feels good/ absolute

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