Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello world. how are you?

sorry for the recent lacking of posts. Ive havent been busy, ive just been...lacking inspiration, no. not insipration, drive. Dont worry, new things will come soon. I just want to put some songs up that im really proud of. Cause i mean all of the stuff ive already put up was written and recorded in a really rough, stream of conciousness kind of way, i like that. but i always feel like i wanna change things. Im going to get better recording equipment, soon. And im going to start writing real concrete songs. I cant keep using Audacity, its a really shitty program, my microphone is shit.

Ive been listening to alot of Brian Jonestown Masssacre, after i saw the documentary DIG!. he's fucking awsome. And alot of My Bloody Valentine, i like their prodcution style. I really want to have that kind of sound, with really traditional song structures but with cool recording styles. Im still experimenting with sound and layers, and loops, melody....

Been reading alot stuff from Ajahn Chah. hes the man. the Bhuddist really have it figured out. Just trying to better myself. changes are coming, i can see them..

For now, im think im going to record some songs for the fall. im going to make a autumn record. just instrumentals, maybe some vocals. in the same light as Instrumentalism Acoustica. No effects, straight clean recording. ive been listening to ferndorf by Hauschka, its fucking great. really good fall songs. Anyways, look out for this EP in the coming weeks.

Love. Peace. Cold breath in the morning............

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